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easy screen

With Sedus easy screen the name says it all. The screen elements can be easily integrated into any workstation. Whether on an individual table or a bench, the easy screen elements can be installed above or behind the desktop and come in two different heights respectively. With its rounded corners and all-round piping in three colours, Sedus easy screen is a perfect match for every Sedus desking range.

easy screen
Product range

Material design
The 26 mm-thick screen elements are made of 3-ply fine chipboard which is covered with fabric on both sides.

The screen elements can be delivered in all the colours from the Atlantic, Nova, Crepe, Fame, Gaja and Remix collections as well
as the colours from the new Flash collection.

Universal adapter
This allows the easy screens to be fitted to all desktops between 19 and 25 mm in thickness.

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